Generative AI Security Conference

Generative AI Security Conference


Learn how to evaluate, deploy, and validate secure AI and LLM applications.

Insights and advice from industry leaders from Cisco, Robust Intelligence, and Microsoft.
Expert-led analyses of AI in cybersecurity covering topics from network security risks and AI-driven SOCs to the validation and security of Generative AI models.
Practical solutions for automated red-teaming, real-time validation techniques, and AI’s role in modern SOC environments.
Generative AI Security hosted by bestselling author and speaker Omar Santos offers the latest insights and strategies for securing AI and LLM applications, essential for anyone involved in cybersecurity, AI development, and experimentation.

This course has three core sections

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Is Your Network at Risk? How Can AI Help You?: Qihong Shao, Senior Manager and AI research scientist at Cisco’s ONEX AI group provides a comprehensive understanding of how AI-driven strategies can identify, assess, and mitigate network risks, thereby enhancing security postures.
Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with an AI-Driven SOC: Joseph Muniz, a member of Microsoft’s AI specialist team, focuses on the integration of AI in Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and explores how AI can address key SOC challenges. The session covers the incorporation of AI in modern SOC practices, including talent shortages, data and tool management, and achieving a unified perspective on incident management.
Validating Generative AI: How to Secure Your Models and Data: Kojin Oshiba, Co-Founder of Robust Intelligence, covers the security, ethical, and operational challenges of Generative AI applications highlighting associated risks and discriminative models while also proposing solutions like automated red-teaming and real-time validation for secure Gen AI usage in production environments.

Released 5/2024

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